Burek as 5th best street food

The Guardian wrote an article, “The world’s best street food” in which they included burek as 5th best street food. There they mentioned that it can be bought in Sarajevo (BIH), which is true, but it is also widespread throughout the Balkan, many regions have their own version of Burek. At Balkan Food we will introduce you to the original recipe and some variations of burek.
In this part of Europe popular street foods include burgers, stuffed chicken, shish cevap (kebab wrapped in bacon) …
We will mention the The Guardian article, where the burek is described in good detal.

The world’s best street food

“What is it? Crisp yet moist, hearty yet subtly spiced, burek is the Balkan street food. Filo pastry is filled with aromatic minced meat, spinach (zeljanica), or cheese and herbs (sirnica), then rolled, glossed with butter or olive oil and baked till golden. Burek can be eaten at any hour: for breakfast accompanied by black tea, or after a busy night in the bars of Sarajevo’s Bašcaršija district.


Origin Burek originates in Turkey, where it is called börek, from Turkish burmak (to twist).

Tasting Though burek can be eaten hot or cold, it’s best straight from the oven. The pastry will be nicely flaky on the outside, but on the inside it should be tender, with the consistency of perfectly cooked pasta. In Bosnia it is cooked in great spirals, in round baking trays. Choose your variety and the baker will slice it with a pizza cutter and wrap it in butcher’s paper for you.

Finding it In Sarajevo, bakeries (pèkare) sell burek by weight. Expect to pay around 3MK-5MK (£1.30-£2.15) for a good serving.”

Tray this variations of burek and zeljanica (burek).

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