Mihajlo Pupin one of the best professor of electrical engineering in the history

Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin (9. October 1954 – 12. March 1935), winer of Pulicer price, honored doctor of 18 worlds universities, professor on Columbian university and innovator which achievements have impacted on development of telegraphy, wireless telegraphy and telephony, radiology and electrical engineering. Mihajlo Pupin was born 9th of October, 1854 in a village Idvor, municipal  Kovacica, in Banat (Serbia, Balkan). His father, Konstantin (Kosta) and mother Olimpijada, farmers, had ten children, 5 sons and 5 doughters. Mihajlo takes Idvorski as his middle name when he leaves to USA, so it reminds him of his homeland.

“IT revolution in United States of Amerika is unthinkable without discoveries of Mihajlo Pupin” – said Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.

The beginning 

Since he stud out as a hard working and talented student, with a help of a priest Vasa Živković and his teacher Kosa, he got a scholarship. He was a member of movement Serbian Youth that came into conflict with german police. Because of that, 1872 he went to Prague where he continued sixth grade and first semester of seventh grade. He went to Peshta by bouth, and from Budapest to Prague he took a train. In school he had a problem with german students that were unpleasant to Serbs.

Mihajlo Pupin house

1874th, his father Konstantin deceased and Pupin decided to quit the school because of the finances. He sold his books and suit, and from earned money he bought a boat ticket from Hamburg to New York. He traveled 14 days and 13 nights, he landed on  Kasl Garden with just five cents in his pocket which he spent on plum pie. Despite the hard position, he was determined in his intention to succeed.

He found his first job in Philadelphia, where he tended cattle. He made to safe some money, and during winter he was throwing in the coal in New Yorks basements. Next year, with a friends help, he got a job as a stoker of steam boiler. At the same time he learned English, greek and latin in Kupers library, and he went to Kupers evening school.

Mihajlo finishes his studies in Amerika 1883 (the same year he gets American citizenship) as an excellent student. He was recognized as a great talent and because of that he was assigned to a scholarship and specionalization on Cambridge, Great Britain (1883-1885) and then in Berlin (1885-1889), where he got his doctorate from physical chemistry on a subject “Osmotic pressure and his relation to free energy”.

He goes back to Amerika in 1889 where he becomes a professor on Columbia University, which he remains for 40 years.

Achievements of  Mihajlo Pupin

Along the total 34 inventions that patented, Mihajlo was most famous for his discovery of so-called Pupins coils, without which todays  telephony would be unthinkable.

In January 1915th, New York Times published Pupins statement: “Wireless phones will be used for conversations on great distances in reasonably close future”.

President of American institute of electrical engineers, President of American society for Advancement of Science, President ot New York Academy of Science, member of Franch Academy of Science and a member of Serbian Academy of Science.

Pupin’s 1899 patent for loading coils,  called “Pupin coils”  is perhaps the most important invention. “Pupin coils” make long-distance calls without noise possible.

Pupin was one of twelve people that 23rd of April, 1915. that attended first meeting of National Committe for aeronautics (then NACA, later NASA).

He also got a Pulicer price (1924) for autobiographic work “From immigrant to inventor”.

Its enormous and prestigious the laboratory for physics  on Columbian University that carries a name  Mihajlo Pupin.

Mihajlo Pupin Columbia

1958th, medal of Mihajlo Pupin is awarded for contribution to national interests of America.

Institute electronic and electrical engineers put him on fifth place of wordls list for the best professor of electrical engineering of all times. His students were later famous scientists, inventors, and some of them got Nobel price> Miliken, Langmuir, Rabi and Armstrong.


He was married to an American Sara Katherine Jackson, from New York. Sara deceased after only 8 years of marriage of pneumonia. He had a doughter with her, Varvara, married Smith. Varvara didn’t have the offspring to extend this famous family tree.

Mihajlo Pupin daughter

Wisdom of Mihajlo Pupin

“For a young man it is not bad luck to not have any money, if he is determined that himself makes his way to in depended life, under condition that he has enough strength in himself to overcome all the difficulties that will stand in his way.”

“Failure is a rest before the future victory.”

“Science can lead as to the height of Goods from Olimp, but if we neglect spiritual development we will disappear in war, hate and economical crisis.”

“Nothing makes a man so happy like his honest belief that he did his best.”

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