Tiranë or Tirana

Tirana (Albanian: Tiranë or Tirana) is the capital and largest city of Albania.

According to official estimates there are 421,286 inhabitants. Tirana was founded by the Ottoman general Sulejman Pasha back in 1614 , who built a mosque, a bakery and a Turkish bath. According to legend  called the “Tehran”, in honor of his military victory at Tehran in Persia. Until 1990, Albania was a communist country. Today Albania changes and begins to follow global trends.

Tirana Tirana

Ethembegova mosque (Ethem Bey Mosque),  in the largest square are statue of Skanderbeg, the national hero and “father of the nation”. on square dominated fountain largest square Tiranaand tall clock tower (Kulla e Sahatit) in the Venetian style. The city have interesting facade of the building, they are paint in cheerful colors.



Besides father of nation favorite person is a catholic, Mother Teresa. Her name carries a airport and one of the main squares.

Tirana today is really big site because it builds at every step, from new roads to residential and commercial buildings but there are still big problems with infrastructure especially with electricity.

The town is suitable for walking, with numerous restaurants and boutiques, all reminds of Italy, which is the main Albanians western model. Away from the sea about 30 km, Tirana, therefore, acts as a Mediterranean city pleasant to live. The city has a large park which is ideal for a break from city crowds. Cafes and restaurants are numerous and nicely decorated. The food is a mixture of Mediterranean and mountain cuisine.
tirana sarene ygrade

The city have interesting facade of the building, they are paint in cheerful colors.


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