Subotica – place for gastronomy hedonists

The city of Subotica is settled in the northern part of Serbia. More exactly, it is placed in the autonomous province Vojvodina, in Backa district. Once, it was the largest city of Vojvodina while now is on the second place, right after Novi Sad. Subotica is the most northern city in Serbia. The first settlements of Slavs in Subotica happened during the sixth and the seventh century. During the course of history many invaders ruled here, Hungarians, Ottomans and Habsburgs. After the First World War the city became a part of Kingdom of Serbs.

In Subotica you can find a great variety of nations, religions and languages. This city is a center of the Roman Catholic diocese of Backa. There are more Catholics here than in any other place in Serbia. It also has the secondary Catholic school, the only one in the country.

Subotica is a very important industrial and transportation part of Serbia. It’s of great influence in food produce with factories such as “Pionir” and “Fidelinka”, “Mlekara Subotica”, etc.

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Subotica has the largest number of buildings built in nouveau art style. Among all the buildings placed in Subotica the most beautiful are the City Hall and the Synagogue. The same Hungarian architects built both of them. Another outstanding nouveau building is the Artistic Encounter Building.

Related to the variety of religions and nationalities you can find great Church buildings in Subotica. Some of the most famous were built in the eighteenth century, such as Cathedrals of St. Theresa of Avila as well as Orthodox churches from the same period. The Hungarian Synagogue, which is currently in the process of renovation, is from the early twentieth century.

National Theater in Subotica was built in 1854. This is a monument protected by the state and registered as a historic monument of extraordinary cultural value.

Fun time

Subotica can offer you many places for leisure and entertainment and the Lake Palic is definitely one of them. It is settled in Subotica Municipality very near the city itself. It’s a place where you can spend wonderful time with your family.

Love festival Subotica

This is a place where you can relax and enjoy good food and wines of high qualities. There are a lot of festivals, concert and other interesting events through the entire year. We can say that there is some kind of a mission to turn the city into the city of festivals. There are numerous festivals you can visit in this city. Some of the most interesting are: Wine and Love Festival which is held in February, an international jazz festival called Jazzik. There are a lot of festivals dedicated to different kinds of music: traditional, new aged, guitar, gipsy music, etc. If you are a fan of art, such as movie, theater and dancing this is the place for you.

Food in Subotica

Besides being a city of great history, impressive architecture and mixture of nations, Subotica is at the same time the best place for gastronomy hedonists. The dishes served here find their origin among Hungarian, Serbian, Turkish, Bosnian, German and many other cuisine. The offer is very distinctive.

Table with food in Subotica

What to eat? Since there are many farms in and around the city do not hesitate to try any of the meat specialties. People here are big fans of dough based food, different kinds of bread, strudels and pasta. This region is one among seven that can offer you delicious wine.

What to say about Subotica but come and enjoy the compound of different cultural influences, different languages and the mixture of cuisine.

People here are polite, friendly and welcoming. They enjoy every day of their life so come and enjoy with them!

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