Rijeka – largest port in Croatia

Settled in the western part of Croatia, Rijeka is one of the most beautiful cities in this part of Balkan. It lies on the north coast of Rijeka Bay as a part of a Kvarner Gulf. Rijeka is the most important city of the County Primorje-Gorski Kotar.

The name of this beautiful city actually means “river”. The geographical position of the city and the deep waters of its bay caused it being invaded by many different conquerors throughout its history. Italians, Hungarians and Croatians fought for reign over Rijeka during different periods of history. Croats settled here in the seventh century. Even the Ottomans tried to invade it, but failed.

It is impossible not to feel the closeness of Italy and its culture in Rijeka. The breath of this culture is easy to feel here.

Rijeka beach

If you are not a big fan of snow this is the place you should visit since it almost never snows here. You can sense strong winds in winter and enjoy warm summers.

The Port of Rijeka

This port is the largest in Croatia. That is why it is of great value for Croatia and its residents. The port of Rijeka is managed by the Port of Rijeka Authority. The first data related to this port appeared in the thirteenth century and in the eighteenth it was granted a charter as a free port. A very interesting thing is that there are ferry connections among Rijeka and the surrounding islands but not direct international ship connections.

Sightseeing- Places and events you shouldn’t miss

The influence of different cultures is mixed in this city. We can definitely say that everyone can enjoy something here.

The St. Vitus Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral. In its today’s form, the Cathedral dates from the seventeenth century. It’s a mixture of different elements of Baroque and Gothic. At first it was a small church which later throughout the history turned into the Cathedral. It is dedicated to St. Vitus, the protector of Rijeka.

The Palace Modello was built where once Adamichev Theater stood. It was built as a bank building. This is a very luxurious building of high importance and great quality. We can’t forget to mention that Modello’s ground floor serves as a public library now and its attractive hall is now an audience of Italian Cultural Club.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat is a church settled on the top of the hill called Trsat. This church is the subject of a legend from the thirteenth century. Tradition here connects building of the church with Prince Nikola I Frankopan.

Despite being a place of rich culture and architecture Rijeka is also a place where you can find a lot of fun. Rijeka’s residents are very fond of sports. The most famous football club is HNK Rijeka, along with its stadium called Stadion Kantrida. In 2008, Rijeka was the host of the European Short Course Swimming Championship.

Rijeka Carnival Croatian

The Rijeka Carnival Croatian was established in 1982 and, since then, became the biggest carnival in the country. It is held between January and March every year. There are numerous events that precede the carnival. First, the mayor of Rijeka gives the keys of the city to the “maestro” of the carnival who then becomes the mayor of the city but only during the carnival. All the cities around Rijeka have their own events during this carnival and the “maestro” along with the carnival queen visits them. During the carnival, in the Governor’s palace, the Carnival Charity Ball is held. It is always visited by politicians, musicians, people from media, sports, etc.

Rijeka Carnival

Right next to Rijeka a famous resting-place Opatija is settled.

Opatija Saint James Park
Saint James Park
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