Nis city that connected the East with the West

One of the biggest cities in Serbia is Nis. The city of Nis is settled in southern Serbia. It has got its name after the river Nisava. According to its size, it’s the third largest city in Serbia.

Since the early times, it has been one of the most important cities for different conquerors because it has been considered as a sort of a gate, the place that connected the East with the West. Nis was found by a Garlic tribe Scordisci in 279 BC. It is one of the oldest cities in Balkan. Throughout the history the city was invaded several times. Its invaders were different, from Romans to Ottomans. It was also the capital of Stefan Nemanja’s State. It has changed its name several times. Once upon a time it was called Constantinople.

This city has a long and remarkable history. Nowadays it is one of the biggest and most important centers of the industry in the Republic of Serbia. We cannot talk about this city without mentioning Electronic Industry Nis, the industry of textile and very well developed tobacco industry.

As one of the industrial centers, Nis has got a civil and a military airport. The civil airport “Constantine the Great” is very popular because of its low-cost flights.

The Center of the Culture

Being aware of the importance of Nis, it is simply impossible not to mention how big and great its cultural influence is. It has numerous museums. One of the biggest is Medijana. Three years ago, Nis was the host of the ceremony that was held because of two hundred centuries of Christianity.

The place you definitely shouldn’t miss if you visit Nis is Skull Tower. It was built following the battle of Cegar, in 1809. During the first Serbian Uprising, Serbian army leaded by Stevan Sindjelic faced Ottoman army on a hill near Nis called Cegar. The tower is made from the heads of the fallen rebellions. It is 4.5 meters high and originally contained 952 skulls. It is very popular among tourists.

Nis Skull Tower
Skull Tower

Also very important cultural and historical monument is Nis Fortress. It is settled in the center of the city, on the right bank of the river Nisava. It is protected by the law and it is one of the best preserved fortifications in Serbian, and in Balkan. This fortress is, since 1966, the place where Nis Film Festival is held.

Considering the fact that the city is over two millennia old it has got many important historical and cultural monuments that represent the impressive history of the city as well as the country. All of them are visited by many tourists but are also places where residents like to go and spend time. Famous are The National Theater, Puppet Show.

Nis is a University Center with thirteen faculties, the biggest in this part of Serbia (Balkan Peninsula).

Relax time

The party and relax time in Nis is something you must experience. In this city everyone can have fun. For the sports lovers there is a huge Sports Center called “Cair” with its pools, both closed and opened, skating rink, Water Park, hall, etc.

In summer you can visit Nisville Jazz Festival, one of the biggest in this part of the world. In august, the Film Fest is held and this is the time when many tourists visit Nis.


For those who love night life there are numerous cafés, bars coffee shops. The most popular discotheques are: “Diamond” and “Spark”. Shopping lovers- visit Kalca!

Nis center of city

Unavoidable is Niska Banja, spa resort with beautiful parks, thermal water where you can spend time enjoying the nature, pure air and peace.

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