Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi (Montenegro) is a city which you have to love. Many people consider it the most beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea, and return there again and again each year. And not only because of its architecture, warm sea and pleasant climate. There is something special there that you cannot simply forget about it.

Herceg Novi

How best to describe Herceg Novi? Maybe tell about the beautiful long promenade Pet Danica, which extends close to the sea and connects Igalo and Meljine.
Herceg Novi is a town in the municipality of Herceg Novi in Montenegro (Balkan). According to the census of 2011, there were 11059 inhabitants.
Located between the high mountains Orjen and the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, this coastal town with its pleasant locals warmly receives all tourists. Coming at this little Mediterranea town does not require any special planning. Upon arrival you can relax with a cup of coffee at “the clock”, and after that you will quickly find an accommodation.

Full of flowers, palm trees, restaurants and cafes, the promenade overlooking the blue sea, boats and yachts bathed in the sun, while the sound of waves and the smell of sea salt creates a lasting impression of a pleasant Mediterranean climate.
Some of the plants along the walkways are so rare that many biologists are coming in order to look at the different types of palm trees, cactuses, magnolia, eucalyptus and many others.

Beaches in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi has lots of beautiful beaches, some private, some belong to the hotels, and many are open to all swimmers, and ideal for young children is a sandy beach in Igalo, where the waters are very shallow and the soil is known for its healing spa effect. Maybe the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro are located close to this city, which can be entered with many boats and take you to Rosa, Zanjica, Blue Caves, and many other beautiful beaches.

Blue Caves

This city of eternal green, sun and stairs, as described by Nobel laureate Ivo Andric, remains tucked away between the sea and the mountains as a place whose magic can be experienced again and again, as a place that has a soul.

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