Balkan Food Recipes

Balkan Food Recipes

On Balkan Food Recipes we will try to show you the best of the Balkan cuisine. The Balkan is part of Europe. In the Balkans live people of different nationalities and various religions. On this peninsula the climate is Mediterranean and continental. There are mountains, plains, rivers and seas, that all had a significant impact on the development of the Balkan cuisine.

Balkan Food Recipes part

Recipes on this site are not literally translated, but the ingredients and the method of preparation follow as closely as possible the original method of preparation (small necessary changes and adjustments). The recipes are collected from different sources: family recipes, restaurants, books, internet…

Some recipes many countries considered them as their own, and it is hard to really determine whose recipe is it.

We apologize if  our English is not 100% accurate. Our translation team has started working on it.

Every day we collect new recipes that we will publish weekly. Our goal is to collect several thousand recipes for you and your family. Balkan cuisine is one of the best in the world.

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